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Sharing to live better together

Men and women are a real rich asset for AGENA3000. Since 1980, AGENA3000 is a human adventure that brings together passionate experts in their field. You too, can join us and become a full member of our organization. Become an ambassador of our values, a key player in our vision and strategies with our clients and partners, as are all the employees of the Groupe Centaurus Développement. The diversity of all the projects you will contribute to will enhance your skills and will enable you to flourish personally and professionally.

Sébastien TRICHET
President & CEO at AGENA3000

We currently are recuriting a variety of junior and senior profiles

  • IT Developers
  • Consultants
  • Technical experts
  • Support help center
  • Sales
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To join AGENA3000 is to enter a Group with strong growth which gives all the necessary place to the people dimension, factor of differentiation, innovation and durable success. It also is to share strong values through a newly revisited management mode. It is to benefit from a Human Resources policy that increases skills, values performance, and enhances confidence ... and enables progression.

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Choose a company in full development that puts the human at the heart of its strategy.


Share a human adventure


Employees benefit from a quality work environment that enhances an atmosphere and climate conducive to personal and professional growth.

+ 140 employees



The diversity of projects in which employees participate enhances the talent pool of the company. Internal promotion is privileged and career paths are established.

Matthieu Chardenal
IT Developer

The transmission of knowledge continues through the implementation of tutoring and in-house training. An integration course is designed and tailored to each individual so that the first steps within the company are a success.

Consultant, 25 years with the company

Since the beginning, at AGENA3000, our priority is customer satisfaction. Life is not always easy; when the boat start rocking, solidarity among colleagues is the first lever on which each employee can rely upon: we can count on others. Without this solidarity, incidents become accidents, autonomy becomes isolation: "Alone, we go faster. Together we go further..."

7 offices

Montreal, Tunis, Paris, Cholet, Nantes, Toulouse, Le Mans

+ 40 students

trained every year

IT developer
100% of employees

have good relationships with their colleagues


Everyone's participation and vision is taken into account both on a daily basis and during the high-points of the year designed to build together the future of our company.

96% of employees

are proud to work for AGENA3000

Marketing executive
Product Leader, 9 years with the company

For the last 3 years, I made the commitment to do the Triathlon of La Baule in relay with my colleagues on my bike ! For AGENA3000 and for the fun of it!