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The TPM solution that enables you to better manage your commercial agreements

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Calculate. Control. Anticipate. Measure.

The perfect solution to closely monitor your commercial agreements with retailers and to control your back margins.

Manufacturers need a reliable tool to help them manage their commercial agreements. These agreements , which are established with retailers to ensure that products are pushed commercially in store can also represent a considerable expense ! A complete and close monitoring of the operation is therefore needed to avoid losing the plot and to closely monitor your margins (we actually bet that you will agree with us here !).

At this precise moment, our TPM (Trade Promotion Management) comes into play as a true management and monitoring interface designed to serve manufacturers.

Being able to measure your ROI is rather attractive, isn’t it? The complex and tedious calculations you are currently obliged to perform will only be but a distant memory.

Concretely, what will TPM deliver for you as a manufacturer ?

With our TPM solution, dedicated to the management of your commercial agreements with retailers, you will be able to :

  • 1

    Control your rear margins (NN, NNN)

    Forget those commercial agreements, which impacts are more than fuzzy and, from now on, benefit from a completely clear vision of the consequences of each of the commercial agreements you enter into with any retailer. With A3 TPM, which manages your rear margins, you are going to control and master all the aspects of your agreements from day one thanks to an exhaustive 360 view.

  • 2

    Monitor your agreements in real time

    What would you say if you were able to follow at a single click, forecasts, advertising participation invoices, new promotional instruments operations…? This is precisely what we propose you do with our solution of promotions management. You know precisely where you are in real time thanks to your dashboard that enables you to measure immediately the financial impacts of your back conditions. You control your payments, so that you are certain not to have paid multiple times for the same operation.

  • 3

    Reduce your indirect costs

    In addition to closely monitor your expenditures, you are also going to reduce your indirect costs. How? As you will automate your commercial agreements, your management team will be able to dedicate their efforts onto other and higher value tasks.

  • 4

    Monitor your sales

    You’ll benefit from an exhaustive view of the performance of both your products and your teams. In a few clicks, you will know which products deliver the higher margins, and also those who bring the least, and same thing for your customers. A3 TPM helps you drive your strategy.

Interested in our TPM solution ?

Key functionalities

  • Management of your negotiated commitments with your customers
  • Provisions calculations (by customer, by product)
  • Automatic recalculation of impacts related to modifications
  • Retroactive calculation (at the client level, at the product level)
  • Audit trail tracked of all modifications
  • All back conditions taken into account
  • Integration of penalties linked to disputes
  • Marketing campaign integration
  • Generation of settlements proposals
  • Management of cooperation and advertising invoices received
  • Lettering of invoices for provisioned proposals
  • Generation of settlement orders (Clients’ credit, Suppliers invoices)
  • Monitoring of the PL operating account NN, NNN
  • International

A3 TPM interfaces with your ERP

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP
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Our customers’ testimonials

Facilitated management of your agreements with retailers

The A3 TPM solution is completely interfaced in real time with our ERP and our reporting, it is a technically and functionally stable solution, and we are extremely satisfied.

Aurélien QUESTE
IS Director, Bonduelle
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Les avantages A3 TPM


ERP Interfacing

Flexible, A3 TPM interfaces with all ERPs on the market.

Optimized investment

You will get a quick ROI following the implementation of TPM.

Agreement renewals

Enables you to duplicate the agreements of the previous year in the new year without rekeying.