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PIM Sourcing

Pool. Collect. Control. Share.

Depending on their position in their industry, some players need to collect product information from their suppliers on the one hand, and share product information with their customers on the other.

With the A3 PIM Sourcing solution, you can meet regulatory and customer requirements without having to produce or manage data that does not belong to you (since it belongs to your own suppliers).

As the solution is mutualized, it is very likely that a product sheet will be available at your first request because it was published at the initiative of another A3 PIM Sourcing customer: Time to market is reduced!

Concretely, what will a solution like A3 PIM Sourcing bring you?

With a shared PIM solution, you will be able to :

  • 1

    Save time in managing your supplier catalog

    The product files of all your suppliers are collected and centralized in your PIM platform automatically. Logistic, price, quality, consumer, e-commerce, multimedia and marketing data are thus transferred to the platform without you having to intervene. Your suppliers send you standardized and reliable GS1 data via the GDSN network.

  • 2

    Collecting quality data

    You are responsible for the information you provide to consumers and the traceability data required by regulations. That's why receiving product information directly entered and approved by your suppliers will greatly reduce the risk of errors and the consequences of inaccuracies.

  • 3

    Share product information

    Need to share your product information with your customers and other recipients? A3 PIM Sourcing's integrated distribution module allows you to transmit product information in a few clicks.

  • 4

    Reduce time-to-market

    By accelerating the product listing process, you reduce the time it takes to make your products available to your customers. This is a real asset in a context where speed and agility are essential to take market share... and keep it.

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Key features

  • Feeding of the referencing at regular frequency by import
  • Real-time monitoring of your product data management activity for you and your customers
  • Visualization of the products present in your referencing
  • Retrieval via API of 100% of the product data making up your listing
  • Receipt and distribution of GDSN format files
  • The "Diffusion" option allows you to automatically share with your own customers the product sheets received from your suppliers but also the updates

A3 PIM Sourcing adapts to your business

  • Food service

  • Food

  • Fresh produce

  • Grocery

They chose the A3 PIM Sourcing solution

Cercle Vert
France Frais
Tafanel Socodis
Témoignage CV


A project combining the use of the A3 PIM Sourcing platform and supplier onboarding

Following our very structured communication plan with the AGENA3000 support teams, we note a very strong adhesion
and mobilization of our suppliers in this digitalization of product data.

Christophe EVREUX
Director of Operations, Cercle Vert
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The advantages of A3 PIM SOURCING

The advantages

Onboarding of your suppliers

In order to facilitate the transition of your suppliers to the dematerialized product sheet, we offer to take care of the loading phase.

Enrichment of product sheets

Need to optimize the impact of the products you sell in e-commerce? Our professional photo studio is at your disposal to produce visuals of your products.

Entering a complete file

A dedicated service for your suppliers: our experts collect the information needed to market a product from its packaging. This information is collected (data capture) to enable your suppliers to provide complete and reliable data to consumers. The dimensions and weight of the products are also returned according to the desired format.