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In an increasingly digital world where data is ubiquitous, AGENA3000 (Groupe Centaurus Développement) makes life easier for manufacturers, brands and retailers. We design reliable and innovative solutions to support our customers in their digital transformation.

Our solutions are divided into different areas: PIM, EDI, TPM, ERP, Data Pool and Content Management. Quite distinct but nevertheless very complementary solutions that have one thing in common: data. Data that we know how to collect, use, transport and distribute at the heart of our customers' and their partners' organizations.

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Centaurus Développement Group

Specialist in the optimization of data exchanges, the Centaurus Développement group federates 6 companies: AGENA3000, AGENA3000 Data Management, AGENA3000 Inc., PICXYZ, PARANGON and Software Factory Tunisia. The Centaurus Développement group devotes its energy to bringing innovative solutions to its customers around data management and optimization.

Data, our history

Since 1980, AGENA3000 has been a strong partner of the CPG and retail partners. AGENA3000 first established itself in the ERP space and thereafter launched its EDI solution. In the early 2000s, the company adapts to the new needs of its customers by providing them with PIM solutions for the management of product information. Innovation is at the heart of AGENA3000, which launched its TPM solution in 2015 and relies every day on the expertise of its teams to strengthen and enhance its offering.


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Our presence in France and internationally

Our offices are located in Cholet (our HQ) and Le Mans.

AGENA3000 is also established internationally through its offices in Montreal and Tunis. Moveover, our teams of experts support our clients in the success of their projects in Europe and around the world by deploying innovative solutions, which are designed for international coverage and reach.

Get to know us

  • Founded in 1980

  • +3500 clients

  • +150 employees

  • 4 office locations

  • F2+ Banque de France credit rating

A partnership with GS1 France

GS1 Partenaires 2023

A close relationship with GS1 reinforced by the nomination of Sébastien Trichet, President of AGENA3000, as a member of the GS1 GDSN board. The opportunity for AGENA3000 to contribute to the definition of the strategic orientations of the GDSN network.

Certification ISO27001


AGENA3000 has obtained ISO27001 certification for the development, production, operation and support of its SaaS EDI, PIM and TPM solutions. This certification marks our commitment to making security a strong component of our strategy.

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AGENA3000 is committed through its core values.

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