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› The platform to exchange dematerialized business documents between your applications and those of your partners.

Orders, shipping notices, delivery notices, invoices, price catalogs ... your company exchanges numerous documents every day with your customers, your suppliers and your partners. How about optimizing these document exchanges?

By switching to EDI, your exchanges transit through an electronic mode with 100% security. An EDI solution centralizes and automatically exchanges dematerialized business documents between your own applications and those of your partners enabling a significant reduction in processing times.

So, ready to go to paperless?

Concretely, what will an EDI solution deliver for you?

With our A3 EDI platform, you will be able to:

  • 1

    Improve your service quality

    EDI speeds up and makes your trading exchanges with your partners more reliable. How? By enabling instantaneous document exchanges and by limiting the risk of errors. You consequently consolidate your relationships with your partners as you significantly reduce your trading disputes.

  • 2

    Optimize your business documents exchanges

    Optimizing your exchanges, tracking and tracing your data flows are among your priorities? So EDI is for you! Optimization of the supply chain and of your exchanges with your customers and other partners, EDI delivers for you increased performance. Standards compliant exchanges guarantee you the authenticity of their content (probative value).

  • 3

    Reduce your administrative costs

    EDI enables automated processing of exchanges. The re-keying of documents and the manual processing of information are a thing of the past for your teams, who can then devote themselves to other missions. This significantly reduces your administrative and management costs.

  • 4

    Save time

    Thanks to the automatic integration and extraction of data in your ERP, your teams no longer perform manual tasks. So you immediately save time. Message tracking is facilitated because you have access to the entire information at a glance from your EDI platform.

Interested in our EDI solution?

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Key functionalities

  • ERP interfacing
  • Documents integration
  • Documents conversion
  • Messages recycling
  • Tasks scheduling
  • Parallel process handling
  • Transmission possible by mail, fax
  • Administration tools
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • International

A3 EDI interfaces with your ERP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Fives Syleps

A solution adapted to your sector’s requirements

Millions of documents are exchanged annually with A3 EDI.

  • Food

  • Construction

  • Beauty products

  • Fashion

  • Healthcare

  • Food service

  • Retail

  • Logistics

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Our customers’ testimonial

Migration was 100% undertaken by AGENA3000. The deadlines were fully met and the SaaS mode of the platform enables us to focus on other projects.

IS Architecture Domain Manager, Maisons du Monde
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Additional information

EDI has a proven track record in the food mass-market sector and is now a must in B2B and B2C exchanges. This mode of exchange is gaining ground with marketplaces like Amazon, which currently deploys EDI with its suppliers in Europe and the US.

Selim BENABID, A3 EDI Practice Leader
Expert advice

Do not wait for your partners to mandate EDI to set it up in your own company. The more you anticipate the transition to EDI, the more you gain a head start over your competitors. For your future collaborations, being already operational to trade in EDI is a unique competitive advantage. This is a decisive element for collaborations with large businesses and a key enabler to win contracts faster. EDI has now become a prerequisite.

Selim BENABID A3 EDI Practice Leader

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Les avantages A3 EDI


Multi-sector solution

A3 EDI is used in all sectors (healthcare, food, fashion, building & DIY...).

Versatility and flexibility

A multi-protocol, multi-standard and multi-network solution.

More than 4000 message formats

A3 EDI includes more than 4000 pre-set message formats available for immediate use.