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Up-to-date digital data

A real sales performance lever, the dematerialized product sheet is now a priority for brands, although its creation (as well as its update!) can still sometimes be seen as an unattractive task.

Lack of time? Lack of resources? Do you want to get rid of the data entry phase of your product sheets?

Our data capture specialists will make it easier for you to collect this information.  A service adapted to both manufacturers and retailers.

Concretely, what will our product data entry service bring you?

With our packaging information digitization service, you will be able to :

  • 1

    Digitize your product information

    Say goodbye to the paper format and opt for the dematerialized product sheet. Relieve yourself of the data entry phase of your product sheets! 

  • 2

    Optimize your omnichannel data distribution

    Your packaging data and product information are ready to be integrated into your PIM (and/or DAM).

  • 3

    Maximize the impact of your products

    A real gateway to the act of buying, the product sheet is a strong point of contact with consumers and must be carefully designed to maximize its effectiveness, and consequently, increase the impact of your products.

  • 4

    Meet consumer expectations

    Dematerialized product sheets integrating consumer data (DataToConsumer or D2C) meet consumers' expectations in terms of information, thanks to a controlled and reliable content.

  • 5

    Control your product data

    The reliability and relevance of product data is an essential issue. By entrusting the input of your product sheets to our teams, you ensure a reliable and quality content.

  • 6

    Save time for your teams

    Creating and optimizing the content of your product sheets is a time-consuming task for your teams. Entrust this mission to our experts and obtain 100% of the data necessary for the proper marketing of your products while saving your teams time.

Interested in our service?

Key points

  • Collection of packaging information
  • Advice and support from a team of experts
  • Flexibility and speed of entry
  • Guaranteed compliance with retailer requirements
  • Restitution of the dimensions and weight of the products
  • Decreasing rates according to the volume of records to be entered

A service that meets your business challenges

Our service specializes in enriching product information for manufacturers and brands. Our teams of experts know perfectly your problems as well as those of the retailers to offer you the best service.

  • Food

  • Food service

  • Retail

  • Beauty products

  • Fashion

  • Healthcare

  • Travel retail

How does it work? 


Content Management - How does it work ?


The role of the product sheet in brief

Whether in physical stores or via e-commerce sites, drives or marketplaces, the product sheet occupies a central place because it guides the consumer in his online purchasing process. It is thanks to this document, transmitted to all retailers beforehand, that the consumer will have access to all the information he needs to know before making a purchase.

Constance De Buhren - SALES ENGINEER
Expert's advice

Having a product sheet with well thought-out content is a real asset to establish the credibility of your brand. Today's consumers are particularly vigilant towards brands and are demanding about what they consume: they want to know everything.

Constance De Buhren SALES ENGINEER

We are at your disposal to advise you

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The benefits

Enrichment of product sheets

Improve the impact of your product sheets with quality data thanks to our packaging information capture service.

GS1 Qualification

Our teams are trained in GS1 France standards to ensure the standardization of your files.

Integration into A3 PIM Industry

Your product files are entered by our specialists directly into your A3 PIM Industry solution.

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