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Invoice dematerialization platform

[Electronic Invoicing] Anticipate the obligation planned for French companies from July 1st 2024!

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Digitalize. Centralize. Optimize. Save.

The GS1 certified solution to enable you to move to electronic invoices inbound as well as outbound.

In the era of digitalization and zero paper, electronic invoicing is a true challenge for companies. To achieve this objective in complete safety, the electronic invoice (EDI, PDF signed…) is the key privileged method of exchanges. A key asset to streamline the processing of your clients’ and suppliers’ invoices while safeguarding their authenticity as well as their compliance to the applicable legislation.

A digital platform centralizes your entire invoices from clients and suppliers (EDI, PDF and paper) and manages their transfers.

And you, what are you waiting for to move to electronic management of your invoices?

Concretely, what will you bring a solution for dematerialization of invoices ?

With our A3 E-INVOICING solution, you will be able to:

  • 1

    Respond to your partners’ requests

    It is highly probable that some of your partners already impose on you or start talking to your teams about the advantages of invoice dematerialization. And quite rightly so, as electronic invoicing becomes the norm because of its advantages. Electronic invoices are furthermore mandatory for all invoices to the public sector on a European basis. Don’t wait any longer!

  • 2

    Save time and space

    A3 E-INVOICING reduces processing times of your inbound and outbound invoices thanks to automated flows. You speed up invoice collection thanks to the track & trace facility through all the steps of the invoicing process. Forget paper and free up space in your offices. Clients’ as well as suppliers’ invoices are stored in a unique secure digital platform (e-safe).

  • 3

    Rationalize your costs

    It’s a simple fact: implementing invoice dematerialization reduces your processing costs by 80%. You don’t buy any paper, nor any stamps for this process any longer, and moreover it also complies fully with your CSR initiative in this respect. In addition to this, your finance and accounting functions are freed up to dedicate their time to higher value tasks for your company. Finally, eliminating the data re-keying of paper invoicing drastically reduces invoice disputes and improves as well your relationships with your partners.

  • 4

    Compliance with regulatory requirements

    Dematerialize invoices, yes of course, but in complete compliance! A3 E-INVOICING is in compliance with regulatory requirements to enable you to implement electronic invoicing with confidence. GS1 France certified, our platform guarantees the authenticity and integrity of documents.

Interested in our e-invoicing solution?

Key functionalities

  • Invoice collection and dispatch in multi-format options
  • Inbound invoice validation process
  • Secured archiving (10 years)
  • Search capability for archived invoices
  • Invoice viewing portal
  • Track & Trace of invoices
  • A la carte processing (EDI, Paper invoice printing, automated processing of envelopes with electronic copy)
  • Interfaced to your ERP
  • International

A3 E-Invoicing interfaces with your ERP

JD Edwards
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Fives Syleps

A solution adapted to your sector’s requirements

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • Fashion

  • Beauty products

  • Food

  • Food service

  • Retail

  • Logistics

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Our customers’ testimonials

Faster payments with lower processing costs

The financials gains are obvious on a volume of 400 000 invoices/year handled in EDI. Regarding invoice payment, the average payment delay has consequently shrunk by 40 to 50%.

EDI Manager, France Frais
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Invoice dematerialization: where are we at ?

Electronic invoicing has a rosy future. The trend for zero paper, total digitalization, Factur-X new format, legal obligation to dematerialize invoices for the public sector (Chorus in France, Peppol in Europe), e-invoicing clearly becomes the norm.

Nadia Guignard - Service Clients Team Leader Deploy Solutions
Expert Advice

The sooner you are able to send and receive electronic invoices, the better it is for your business. If it is not already the case, your partners will soon start to oblige you to handle invoices in EDI. Take advantage of the current trend around this topic to implement e-invoicing (PDF or EDI). Transform this into an opportunity.


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Les avantages A3 E-INVOICING


CSR approach

The digitalization of your invoices is compliant with your CSR approach as it reduces the carbon-footprint of your company.

Chorus Pro Ready

A3 E-INVOICING vous permet de dématérialiser vos factures vers Chorus Pro.    

Quick ROI

The return on investment following an implementation of our solution is lower than 1 year (in 99% of all cases).