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The ultimate solution for managing and publishing your products and electronic product catalogues.

Brands and manufacturers need a high performance tool to help them manage their product information. That’s when the PIM (Product Information Management) makes sense, by centralizing all the product data: marketing, pricing, logistics, and technical data, as well as EU1169, pictures, videos, translations…

With all the data centralized on a single platform, we bet it’s going to make your life easier! Your old nightmarish Excel files will just be a distant memory.

Concretely, as a manufacturer, what will a PIM bring to you?

With our PIM (Product Information Management) solution, you will be able to:

  • 1

    Harmonize your product information

    Your product data is centralized within a single platform. Away with the old Excel files and files scattered all around your entire organization. From now on, all your product information will be stored in the PIM, and this is will make your teams happy as they will gain valuable time.

  • 2

    Synchronize your product information (GDSN, P2P…)

    You send your electronic product items to your clients of Food retail, e-commerce, or marketplaces such as Amazon, your reseller network, your e-commerce website, or any other support (catalogues, prospectus etc.). Within a few clicks reach international markets or just a single country. Certified by GS1 France, you electronic product data are perfectly compliant to the standards expected by your clients and partners and herewith will reduce your time-to-market.

  • 3

    Provide best in class consumer experience

    You can now offer to your consumers a homogeneous experience but also a comprehensive one on all your channels. The consistency and the reliability of the information is guaranteed in omnichannel. Whether the consumer discovers or enquires about your product online or in the store or inside a catalogue, the same product information will be made available to him/her. You have full control of the information.

  • 4

    Enrich your product data

    More than 30% of the attributes of a product sheet concern marketing data. It is more than ever essential to take care of this information! In addition to DataToBusiness (D2B), A3 PIM Industry manages DataToConsumer (D2C) attributes that you can enrich with our Product Data (content capture) and Product Images (HD photos of your products) services. 

  • 5

    Increase your sales turnover

    You are now equipped with the tool to work with large modern retailer groups, and e-commerce specialists alike. All the cards are in your hand to increase your sales with a PIM that enables you to create rich product information in order to entice your final consumer, because let’s not forget he/she has the last say in all this.

  • 6

    Communicate reliable product information (allergens, Nutri-score...)

    In a context where the consumer is increasingly demanding in terms of transparency and where legislation constrains you at several levels, the quality of packaging data is essential. A3 PIM Industry brings you the latest technologies in terms of calculating allergens, traces, additives and controversial ingredients. Thus, you make verified product information available to the consumer.

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Key functionalities

  • Data import facility
  • Product items creation
  • Item enrichment capability
  • Mass update capability
  • Product duplication
  • Business and sector specific setup
  • Electronic RFPs/ bids & tenders capability (Access, Management of RFPs)
  • Data synchronization capability with all your business partners
  • Multimedia connector
  • e-Commerce connector
  • Freemium


    • Management, enrichment and publication of information
    • 1 retailer
    • 1 user
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  • Most popular


    • Management, enrichment and publication of information
    • Unlimited retailers
    • 1 user
    • Electronic RFPs/ bids & tenders capability
    • Media management (pictures, videos)
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  • Standard

    • Management, enrichment and publication of information
    • Unlimited retailers
    • Unlimited users
    • Electronic RFPs/ bids & tenders capability
    • Media management (pictures, videos)
    • User roles management
    • Connectors: ERP, DAM...
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  • Enterprise


    • Suited to your specific needs
    • Personalized support
    • Custom administration
    • Dedicated environment
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A3 PIM Industry interfaces with your ERP

JD Edwards
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Fives Syleps

A solution adapted to your sector’s requirements

Our PIM solution for manufacturers and brands is used by more than 1 500 companies in France and around the world. Our experts are very familiar with your issues as well as those of retailers. This experience enables them to offer you the best service.

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • Fashion

  • Beauty products

  • Food

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Our customers’ testimonials

Better data quality thanks to the PIM

The PIM implementation enabled us to master data quality and to guarantee our data publication to clients and partners.

Mehdi Aissaoui
EMEA Value Realization Lead, Estée Lauder
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PIM & e-commerce

With the soaring of e-commerce, the PIM is at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts. As the gatekeeper for best in class qualitative product information, the PIM is the best ally for a brand or a manufacturer who wants to develop his business. Uniqueness of the information, better visibility, ease of content updates… what are you waiting for to increase your sales?

Edouard HAMOUD - Team Leader PIM
Expert advice

A PIM is an essential tool to control and share the data relating to your products. Improve the quality of your logistical, technical and media data and all your customers will benefit from it: retailers, e-commerce, Click & Collect... Fill in your mandatory data and a maximum of non-mandatory information and thus improve the information delivered to the final customers.

Edouard HAMOUD Team Leader PIM

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Les avantages A3 PIM INDUSTRY


Integrated DAM

Our PIM solution includes a DAM functionality (Digital Asset Management)to manage your media assets so that you can enrich your product information.

GS1 France Certified

A3 PIM INDUSTRY is GS1 France certified to assure you that your exchanges are compatible to the GS1 Standards.

Interfaced to the ERP

The PIM solution is fully interfaced into your information system (ERP etc.) to ensure full 100% synchronization.