The studio specialized in the creation of visual products


Optimize the impact of your products

Consumers are waiting for high definition visuals. This is a prerequisite to facilitate the act of purchase on digital channels!

Enhance your products with visuals (studio, 3D or Mobile Ready Hero Image) that comply with standards and practices.

Our service is intended for both manufacturers and retailers and is also of high added value for digital and advertising agencies.

So what are you waiting for to optimize the performance of your products with quality visuals?

Concretely, what will our digital product content creation service bring you?

With our studio specialized in the creation of visual products, you will be able to :

  • 1

    Propose high quality visuals

    Presenting visuals to consumers is vital to trigger the act of purchase. It is all the more important to propose high quality and rewarding visuals without over-promising. It is also recommended to propose several visuals, one for each side of your product.

  • 2

    Control your image

    Benefit from the expertise of our team of photographers for studio visuals: equipment, lighting, photo processing (brightness, light retouching, clipping...) and thus control your brand image. The 3D and Mobile Ready Hero Image team will accompany you from start to finish.

  • 3

    Give impact to your products

    Varying the type of content distributed allows you to enhance your products on all channels. For this, several options are available to you according to your needs: professional photo shooting of the 3/4 view and all sides of your product, 3D modeling or Mobile Ready Hero Image for a better visibility of your products on mobile media.

  • 4

    Boost your E-commerce sales

    E-commerce, which has been particularly dynamic and attractive for several years now, is constantly attracting new customers, pushing its players to constantly look for new ways to stand out. In this highly competitive context, product visuals play a crucial role. Stand out from the crowd and optimize your online sales with quality and varied visuals.

  • 5

    Meet standards

    More and more of your retailer customers are demanding that one or more visuals be sent to them as part of their supplier referencing, and moreover, that they comply with GDSN (GS1) standards. Thanks to our specialized studio, you can meet your customers' requirements with complete peace of mind.

Interested in our digital product content creation service?

Key points

  • Flexibility and speed of production
  • GS1 standards compliant product visuals
  • Advice and support from a team of experts
  • Guaranteed compliance with retailer requirements
  • Decreasing rates according to the volume of products to shoot
  • 20+ years of expertise in product content creation
  • High quality product visuals
  • Studio visuals, 3D, Mobile Ready Hero Image

Focus on the different types of visuals

Our specialized photo studio offers various services to help you create your digital product content!

  • Studio visual

    Visuel studio

    The fastest

  • 3D Modeling

    Modélisation 3D

    The most flexible and scalable

  • Mobile Ready Hero Image

    Mobile Ready Hero Image


A service that meets your business challenges

Our service is the specialist of packaging photo shooting for manufacturers and brands. Our teams of experts know perfectly your problems as well as those of the retailers to offer you the best service.

  • Food

  • Food service

  • Retail

  • Beauty products

  • Fashion

  • Healthcare

  • Travel retail

How does it work?


Content Management - How does it work ?


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High quality visuals

The teams did everything necessary to understand my needs and respect my budget. The quality of the visuals is exceptional, I am delighted to have chosen this service.


The role of product visuals in brief

Product visuals play a major role today. They help to promote the act of purchase by contributing to the attractiveness of a product. On the Internet, the products sold are not tangible. Consumers can neither touch nor see, in the true sense of the word, the products. In this sense, visuals are a strong source of information for consumers.

Constance De Buhren - Sales Engineer
Expert's advice

To allow consumers to properly visualize your product, it is now almost imperative to integrate in your product sheet at least one visual, our advice being to propose a visual of all sides.

Constance De Buhren Sales Engineer

We are at your disposal to advise you

The benefits of PICXYZ Images Les avantages PICXYZ Images

The benefits

Enrichment of product sheets

Improve the impact of your product sheets with quality visuals and HD photos with our service.

GDSN Compliance

The visuals produced by our service are compliant with GS1 France standards to ensure the standardization of your visual exchanges via the GDSN.

Differentiating services

Our studio also offers a 3D modeling service and creation of Mobile Ready Hero Image.

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