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Collect. Check. Centralize. Synchronize.

The ideal solution to collect product information from all your suppliers.

Retailers need a powerful tool to help them centralize the product information, as well as pricing information, submitted by all their suppliers. It is essential for them to receive up-to-date data, whether it is aimed at professionals or consumers, while at the same time meeting the consumers’ expectations in terms of depth and richness of information: characteristics, allergens, use...

This is the mission of a Product Information Management (PIM), which will support retailers in the management of all its suppliers’ product catalogs and the downstream synchronization and dissemination of product information.

Forget paper and Excel files, a dedicated PIM retail solution will increase your reliability! And a PIM will save you a lot of time too...

Concretely, what will a PIM deliver to you as a retailer?

Thanks to a PIM solution for retailer, you will be able to:

  • 1

    Save time and money

    All the product information submissions of your suppliers are automatically collected and centralized in your PIM platform. Logistical information, pricing, quality, consumer, e-commerce, multimedia and marketing are collated into your platform without any action on your part. Your suppliers send you standard compliant, reliable GS1 data via the GDSN network.

  • 2

    Improve data quality

    As a retailer, you are liable for the information you make available to consumers as well as the traceability data required by the regulations. This is why receiving the product information entered directly by your suppliers will allow you to drastically reduce the risk of error and your liability exposure. At the same time, you will meet your end consumers’ requirements to benefit from complete and reliable information.

  • 3

    Synchronize and safely disseminate product information

    Need to disseminate product information in Omni-channel? The A3 PIM RETAIL solution, certified by GS1 France, manages its synchronization to your websites, Click & Collect platforms, your partners and your internal tools and systems (reporting, DAM, ERP...). Disseminating your product information has never been easier.

  • 4

    Reduce your time-to-market

    By speeding up the process of referencing your suppliers’ products, you reduce the time to market to the consumer. A real asset in a context where speed and agility are essential to conquer market share ... and to consolidate it.

  • 5

    Increase online sales

    The information intended for consumers (DataToConsumer) must be qualitative to trigger the act of purchase. Our product information enrichment and HD photoshot services enhance the impact of your product data content for effective marketing.

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Key functionalities

  • Validation of the integration process
  • Capability to manage electronically bids and tenders
  • Product listing process management
  • Data synchronization into your back-office systems
  • International
  • Data collection formats: GDSN, P2P, Excel
  • Data quality controls
  • Data enrichment
  • B2C Data integration
  • Full traceability of data changes
  • Sector specific pre-configured setup

A3 PIM Retail interfaces with your ERP

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A3 PIM Retail addresses your business challenges

  • Foodservice

  • Healthcare

  • Fashion

  • DIY

  • Beauty products

  • Travel retail

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Our customers’ testimonials

A technical expertise fused with a business expertise

We were looking for a solution that would provide us with the GDSN expertise to enable us to move to a fully interoperable system. Among all the suppliers of solutions for retailers, AGENA3000 was the one with the most references in the food CPG and retail market.

Éric Guilbert
Project Manager Item Master File, Auchan Retail
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Data quality is the key

The end consumer has clearly become demanding and it is essential to seduce him to trigger the buying decision. The quality of marketing data, sales pitches and the media play a central role, especially on digital channels where information must be exhaustive and consumer-oriented.

Expert advice

Many of your suppliers are already equipped to deliver product information through GDSN. By switching to the PIM, you could easily receive qualitative, comprehensive and reliable data.

David VEAUX A3 PIM RETAIL Practice Leader

We are available to advise you

Les avantages A3 PIM RETAIL


Supplier onboarding

We help you to optimize the number of suppliers using the tools set up and to rationalize the cost of this onboarding work.

Disputes reduction

The data quality you process is significantly improved and therefore leads to fewer disputes.

A proven solution

Numerous retailers already use A3 PIM RETAIL.