Solution to dematerialize your business documents exchanges with your suppliers

The e-procurement platform for digitizing your purchasing

Solution E-Procurement Solution PIM

Digitalize. Pilot. Streamline. Optimize.

The purchasing management solution to digitize your exchanges with your suppliers not yet equipped with EDI.

Manufacturers face daily problems of purchasing and supply. Avoiding product outage and making their purchasing process reliable is essential to secure their business and satisfy their consumers.

E-procurement is the ideal solution for manufacturers who are conscious of the benefits of paperless purchasing processes. It is the essentiel element for those who are keen to improve their exchanges with their suppliers, regardless of their sizes, from small businesses to large companies. E-procurement is your weapon against the hazards of sourcing!

Concretely, what will e-procurement deliver to you?

With our e-procurement solution, you will be able to :

  • 1

    Improve the reliability of your exchanges with your suppliers

    Thanks to e-procurement, you improve the exchanges of information (contracts, tenders, logistics, quality ...) with your suppliers through a single collaboration space dedicated to dematerialization. As these exchanges are digitalized on a dedicated platform, you limit the risk of errors and avoid the loss of information, like the purchase order misplaced by your supplier. Your buyers can at last be more serene.

  • 2

    Speed up your purchasing process

    A3 E-PROCUREMENT significantly accelerates your purchasing process by limiting the processing time on the supplier side. Your suppliers are immediately notified of the order and update its status directly in the portal. They can generate pallet labels that will facilitate the reception of the goods on your side by a simple scan.

  • 3

    Accurately monitor your purchases

    The e-procurement platform helps you improve the management of your purchases by centralizing all orders placed with all your suppliers. You are informed at each step of the order, which enables you to organize the receipt and processing of purchases as well as help you plan your production schedule. You thereby optimize the traceability of the supply chain.

  • 4

    Reduce disputes

    Standardized data exchanges, flows automation, and deletion of re-entries significantly reduce the number of disputes. You thus perpetuate the relationship with your suppliers and secure your activity.

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Key functionalities

  • Listing management (Contracts, Tenders)
  • Administrative & supply chain management (Orders, Orders Acknowledgments, Labels editing (boxes, pallets), Shipping notifications, Delivery notifications)
  • Quality management (Quality information exchanges)
  • Financial management (Suppliers’ invoices integration)
  • International

A3 E-Procurement interfaces with your ERP

JD Edwards
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Fives Syleps

A solution adapted to your sector’s requirements

Our e-procurement solution is used by many companies in France and internationally.

  • Construction

  • Fashion

  • Healthcare

  • Beauty products

  • Food service

  • Food

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Our customers’ testimonials

Optimized data flow

We took advantage of this project to challenge our organizations, our practices, on business areas for which we were not thinking about this type of optimization. We are in the era of paperless and we still have plenty of projects in the drawers.

Vianney PINEAU
Factories Coordination and Animation Manager, Fleury Michon
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A win-win initiative

Essential partners of your development, your suppliers find in e-procurement a lever for growth and efficiency that allows them to improve their ROI. The deployment of an e-procurement solution is a real call to action that can lead to better interactions and exchanges within your ecosystem.

Nadia Guignard
Expert advice

The implementation of e-procurement makes it possible to dematerialize the exchanges with all of its partners, whether they are capable or not of doing EDI. What is important to realize is that it is not just an IT project. It is more importantly a business project that impacts all areas of the company. Purchasing, logistics and production departments must participate in the implementation of e-procurement to implement successfully the project.


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Les avantages A3 E-PROCUREMENT


For all suppliers

A3 E-PROCUREMENT is for all your suppliers, regardless of their size, whether they are already equipped with an EDI solution or not.

Progressive deployment

You deploy e-procurement processes to your suppliers at your own pace.

End of disputes

The dematerialization of exchanges strengthens the partnership with your suppliers because the risks of error are almost inexistent.