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NumAlim: new connector available in A3 PIM Industry! 

  • Fri, 01/27/2023 - 11:36

Companies in the food sector face many challenges around food data. Data reliability and consumer transparency, among others, are real challenges. This is why NumAlim supports companies in this sector to enable them to meet these challenges. It is also in this context that AGENA3000 provides its A3 PIM Industry customers - a solution for managing, enriching and sharing electronic product sheets - with the NumAlim connector enabling them to publish their product sheets in the UniversAlim database.

A reference database for the agri-food sector 

UniversAlim (from NumAlim) is a product database entirely dedicated to the food industry. Its aim is to facilitate the circulation of product information between the different actors of the ecosystem while guaranteeing their control and reliability. 

The UniversAlim database aims to cover all data relating to food products:

  • INCO" data: name, list of ingredients, nutritional declaration, etc. 
  • Additional attributes such as labels
  • Composition data such as fruit and vegetable content for example
  • Environmental characteristics, particularly in the context of the AGEC law (in force since 1 January 2023). 

Focus on NumAlim 

NumAlim is a Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) which brings together 55 members divided into 7 colleges. In addition, AGENA3000 is one of the members and thus participates in the governance of NumAlim as part of its desire to participate in consumer transparency. 

NumAlim helps numerous companies in the food sector to structure their product information (nutritional data, allergens, origin, recyclability and other CSR) and manages what could be considered a digital version of product labels. The aim is to help create a new level of consumer confidence in the food sector and recognition of the different qualities of products, from farm to fork, notably through mobile applications or e-commerce sites.

Publish to NumAlim from A3 PIM Industry via the GDSN network

Since November 1, 2022, NumAlim's UniversAlim product database has been connected to GS1's GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) via AGENA3000. It is now possible for all companies subscribing to the GSDN network to publish their product sheets in the UniversAlim database in a flash by communicating their GLN to NumAlim beforehand. 

And you, where do you stand? Publish your food product information on UniversAlim and contribute to the transparency of food products.

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