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Open Food Facts: the collaborative database for food transparency    

  • Wed, 07/13/2022 - 10:42

In a context where consumers are thirsty for transparency, AGENA3000 provides its A3 PIM Industry customers, a solution for managing, enriching and distributing electronic product sheets, with the Open Food Facts connector, a collaborative database that lists food products from around the world.  

A free and open database on food products 

Launched in 2012 by Stéphane Gigandet and Pierre Slamich, Open Food Facts is a collaborative project whose primary objective is to provide a better understanding of the composition of food products by building a free and open database on them.   

Today, Open Food Facts includes more than one million food products in over 180 countries and is available as a mobile application.  

The database, because of its collaborative nature, is very different from its competitors. Indeed, everyone can contribute to its enrichment by adding and modifying the food product files and by basing the additions made on the packaging information.  

Direct and easy access to the Nutri-Score 

In addition, Open Food Facts provides direct and easy access to the Nutri-Score of foods scanned in supermarkets, in order to know their score and evaluate their nutritional qualities. 

As a reminder, the Nutri-Score is a rating system designed to help consumers eat better by facilitating their choices when making purchases. In particular, it is part of the law on the modernization of the health system of January 26, 2016, by proposing a brand new labeling system based on the nutritional composition of products. Its objective is to allow consumers to make the best choice during their shopping and to consume better every day. (To learn more about the Nutri-Score, see our article " All you need to know about the Nutri-Score ").

With Open Food Facts, you can easily offer the Nutri-Score to consumers. The Nutri-Score is automatically calculated from the nutritional data: get its detailed calculation or check the score if you have already calculated it. 

Publish to Open Food Facts from A3 PIM Industry 

AGENA3000 is working to help its industrial customers to control their product information while ensuring consumer transparency. With the implementation of the Open Food Facts connector, the A3 PIM Industry solution allows brands to publish their product data directly to Open Food Facts without any re-keying and in a few clicks, as they would do for other recipients (distributors...). The data published to Open Food Facts is officially qualified by the application and cannot be modified by consumers. So you are in control of your product information! 

And you, where do you stand? Make your products visible in over 100 applications and services. Publish your product data on Open Food Facts and contribute to food transparency. 

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