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GDSN: an information flow 100% beneficial!

All you ever need to know on GDSN

New realities are materializing for B2B players. And those who are shuffling the card desk are the consumers! All sectors are faced daily with new expectations from consumers.

GDSN is based on an international standard that uses, consumes and synchronizes data over the entire lifecycle of a product. GDSN and its e-Catalog are also the first step towards collaborative marketing that will allow you to stay in step with your B2C requirements (your customers) and your partners’ ecosystem (B2B)!

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The answers to all your questions

  • What is GDSN?

  • Should my company get involved?

  • How to switch to GDSN?

  • How does GDSN work?

  • What are the benefits for my company?

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Summary of the White Paper

  • Editorial
  • GDSN: 5 key figures to understand everything
  • GDSN: user manual
  • Be GDSN by design
  • GDSN & PIM: the retailer’s vision
  • GDSN & PIM: the manufacturer’s vision
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