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› The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for an overall optimization of your company.

Your company has to adapt to market requirements, integrate qualitative constraints and adapt to multi-channel distribution. An agile ERP, adapted to the specificities of your business, is the key to a better management of your company, which is confronted to an ever-changing environment.

Choose a business management software tailored to the suppliers of the consumer products industry and gain in performance!

Concretely what will A3 ERP deliver to you?

With our ERP solution dedicated to the suppliers of consumer products, you will be able to:

  • 1

    Manage your purchasing

    Mastering the physical and financial exchanges related to your suppliers is part of your challenges. A3 ERP digitizes your purchasing processes: purchasing conditions, orders, receptions, reconciliations, supplier portal ... You significantly improve your margins, reduce the costs of procurement and storage while meeting the requirements of your customers.

  • 2

    Manage your stocks and traceability

    As a supplier of consumer products, inventory management and traceability are at the heart of your daily priorities. A3 ERP integrates your customer exchanges, suppliers and partners flows automatically in a collaborative context. Physical stocks, stocks available to date, management of Expiry Dates / Delivery Expiry Dates, needs calculation, traceability, quality ... your processes are handled in an automated way. The control of physical flows associated with the integration of regulatory constraints allows you to optimize your inventory and the traceability of your products under the best of conditions.

  • 3

    Manage your sales

    Manage your sales from order to invoicing and secure your business. A3 ERP integrates your simple or complex tariff charts, quantitative discounts, promotions, quotas, dematerialized bids & tenders and allows you to track your XXX net operating account. Our ERP centralizes your received EDI orders, manages the dsipatch of the integrated dematerialized invoices and sales to local public authorities. Make your sales forecasts more reliable and improve your customer relationships quality by monitoring in real time your ability to meet your commitments.

  • 4

    Manage your logistics

    A3 ERP allows you to pilot your logistics activities from A to Z: documents exchanges in EDI, delivery in A for A or A for B according to your categories, GS1 labeling, automated order management to your service providers ... You manage your flows depending on demand while securing your shipments. Logistics and transport costs are calculated and controlled automatically.

  • 5

    Manage production

    To meet your challenges of streamlining costs, reducing production times, strengthening quality or improving traceability, A3 ERP is your everyday ally. Planning, production orders, waste and shrink management, workshop tablets ... you improve your productivity while guaranteeing your customers with a secure traceability.

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Key functionalities

  • Management & Administration
  • Pricing & Conditional bracket pricing
  • Logistics
  • Traceability & quality
  • Stocks
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Multi-companies & multi-sites
  • Functional dashboards
  • International

A solution adapted to your sector’s requirements

  • Fresh produce

  • Bakery

  • Grocery

  • Drinks

  • Meat industry

  • Wholesale

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Our clients’ testimonials

Strengthen and simplify the traceability of your finished product stocks.

Traceability has been strengthened in a sustainable and easy way for users. Our project’s objective was to meet our customer satisfaction and requirements that was the traceability of our products, from manufacturing to delivery to the customer.

Guillaume MITHIEUX
IS Manager, ROUTIN
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Patrick LEGROS
Expert advice

The ERP is an essential tool for the company and its organization. It must be an accelerating factor in the evolution of the company. However, beware of the "lock-in effect" of some ERPs, which make processes more complex, are impervious to organisational changes and are unsuitable and costly in the face of changes.

Patrick LEGROS Product Owner A3 ERP

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More than 35 years of experience in the CPG sector

Benefit from the support and a recognized business expertise and start immediately to improve the performance of your company.

Client oriented architecture

Our ERP has been developed taking into account the specificities and expectations of your customers for maximum efficiency.

A modular ERP

With its independent modules, A3 ERP adapts to your needs of today and evolutions of tomorrow.