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You're looking for a new professional challenge ? You want to join a referent company with a strong development on the French market and which aims to become a major player at the international level ? For you, working is also feeling good about your company ? So, we want to tell you that you are at the good place.

AGENA3000 is constantly looking for new talent to strengthen its teams in France and abroad : IT Developers, Business Consultants, Technical Experts, Support help center, Salespeople ... the profiles we are looking for are varied.

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Employees benefit from a quality work environment that enhances an atmosphere and climate conducive to personal and professional growth.

96% of employees

are proud to work for AGENA3000


The transmission of knowledge continues through the implementation of tutoring and in-house training. An integration course is designed and tailored to each individual so that the first steps within the company are a success.

Sales Engineer, 4 years with the company

I joined AGENA3000 as a Sales Assistant. After 2 years, the company discovered the skills I had acquired and promoted me to the position of Sales Engineer. I would like to thank the company for its confidence and its desire to develop its employees.

Team Leader and Project Director, 6 years with the company

What I like in my job is the versatility that it requires. I love managing projects from the beginning to the start, because it means building, making decisions, arranging for the collaboration of other departments and bringing teams together around a common goal.

100% of employees

have good relationships with their colleagues