BAHIER : the widespread use of electronic invoicing 

  • Fri, 02/09/2024 - 11:43

BAHIER, a traditional charcuterie manufacturer, has chosen AGENA3000 to help it comply with the general introduction of electronic invoicing. We would like to thank BAHIER for agreeing to work upstream with our teams on the PDP pilot phase organised by the DGFiP, for which AGENA3000 was a candidate.

Here is what Hervé BUREAU, IT Manager at BAHIER, had to say about the reform: 

The electronic invoicing reform initially scheduled for 1 July 2024 has been postponed until 1 September 2026. What do you think of this postponement, and does it have any impact on your organisation?

"We have internal changes underway that we'll have time to consolidate, so this postponement is convenient for us. We've also seen that not all cases of use have been taken into account, so this will perhaps allow us to finalise these points before the start of the reform."

You have chosen AGENA3000, which has applied for the status of Dematerialisation Platform Partner, to bring your company into compliance for outgoing flows. Can you tell us the reasons behind your choice?

"We have been AGENA3000 customers for a very long time for EDI Sales flows and we have every confidence in them to carry out this project successfully."

There are a number of steps involved in bringing your company into compliance. Can you tell us about the major stages identified for BAHIER?

"We are currently updating the SIRETs of our third parties and our objective for the end of 2024 will be to no longer accept manual invoices (Excel for example) outside ERP. "

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