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SOCODA : the widespread use of electronic invoicing

  • Wed, 01/24/2024 - 11:36

The SOCODA group, an alliance of independent multi-specialist distributors serving professionals in the building and industrial sectors, has chosen to work with AGENA3000 to help it comply with the general introduction of electronic invoicing. We would like to thank SOCODA for agreeing to work with our teams upstream of the PDP pilot phase planned by the DGFiP, for which AGENA3000 has applied.


Hereis what Vincent LE VASLOT, Director of is, DATA and Digital Projects at SOCODA, had to say about the reform:

The start of the electronic invoicing reform, originally scheduled for 1 July 2024, has been postponed. What do you think of this postponement, and does it have any impact on your organisation?

"SOCODA would like to take advantage of this delay to anticipate as far as possible all the actions to be carried out with our members, who don't have the time or sometimes the desire to start this project, which will be unavoidable in any case. Our role is to provide the best possible support to our members and to try to get those who are willing to join on board to pave the way for the others".

You have chosen AGENA3000, a candidate for the status of Dematerialisation Platform Partner, to bring your company into compliance for outgoing data flows. Can you tell us the main reasons why you made this choice?

"The main reason is that AGENA3000 is already an EDI partner for 8 of our distributors. Also, we think that having a single partner for EDI flows (orders) and invoice flows is a huge simplification that our distributors need."

There are a number of steps to be taken to ensure that your company complies with the reform. Can you tell us about the major steps you have identified for SOCODA?

"We began by building up our relationship with AGENA3000 by signing our framework contract in complete confidence. We then explained the fundamentals of the exchanges and the obligations surrounding this reform to the group's distributors via communication and on-boarding webinars. Workshops were then organised to draw up the specifications, taking into account the specific features of the SOCODA branches (Electricity, Decoration, Professional Tools, etc.).

These specifications will be sent to the ERP editors/integrators to launch the development, testing and finally the production launch. We will then support our distributors in implementing the messages with their IT service provider and ERP publisher until the service opens and the first messages are exchanged".

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