Outsource the data entry of your product sheets: the good reasons 

  • Tue, 12/07/2021 - 12:20

As a real sales performance lever, the dematerialized product sheet is now a priority for brands. However, its creation in a PIM platform is still sometimes seen as an unattractive task. Lack of time? Lack of resources? You want to get rid of the data entry phase of your product sheets in your PIM solution? Discover the good reasons to get started. 

Optimize your time and focus on your core business

One of the first advantages of entrusting the data entry of your product sheets to a team of experts is the optimization of your teams' time. It is often difficult not to be everywhere at the same time: your teams can get dispersed between different tasks and there is little time left to focus on what really generates added value. This lack of focus on your core business slows down your development. By outsourcing your product data entry in your PIM solution, your teams have more time to focus on your challenges and objectives.

Moreover, by opting for a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) approach, you will be able to focus more on your business, and this will also benefit your teams. Indeed, as we have seen, the creation of dematerialized product sheets is still considered an unattractive task because it is time-consuming and repetitive. By relieving your teams of this data entry phase, you help them maintain their performance in order to do the job they were hired to do. 

Make your product information reliable 

Consumers, just like your partners, demand exhaustive, reliable, and up-to-date product information. Therefore, the relevance and reliability of product data is now a key issue for your company. The second advantage of outsourcing the input of your product sheets in your PIM solution to a team of experts is the reliability of your product information. Indeed, by calling upon a specialized company, you ensure that you obtain reliable and quality content while limiting the risk of errors on the product sheets. You will benefit from the expertise of specialists with all the necessary experience and technology. Indeed, they perfectly know your problems as well as those of your customers retailers. 

It is important to note that these companies specializing in product data entry have numerous protocols and data security systems to ensure optimal protection of your information.

Meet the expectations of your customers and clients

A real gateway to the act of purchasing, the dematerialized product sheet is a strong point of contact with consumers and must be carefully designed to maximize its effectiveness and consequently increase the commercial impact of your products. In addition, the dematerialized product sheet is also a great tool for collaboration between the manufacturer and the retailer, which is why by entrusting the input of your product sheets to a team of specialists you ensure that you meet the expectations of your consumers, but also the requirements of your retailer customers (particularly in terms of deadlines).

As you know, dematerialized product sheets allow the integration of consumer data that is vital to triggering the act of purchase, in addition to the logistical and regulatory data historically exchanged. When consumers are actively searching for a product, they demand immediate access to information such as product features, functionality, and benefits. Thanks to the expertise of specialists in product data entry, you can be sure to meet consumer expectations in terms of information, thanks to a controlled and reliable data entry.

Optimize the distribution of your data in omnichannel

Another benefit of offloading the data entry phase of your product sheets to a team of experts is the optimization of your omnichannel data delivery. Indeed, you communicate product data via structured documents or provide access to a third-party platform on which they are stored. Your product sheets are then ready to be integrated and entered by specialists in your PIM solution (and/or your DAM). You can then distribute your product sheets to all your channels

Control your budget 

Finally, by entrusting your product data entry to a team of experts, you keep control of your budget. If at first glance the use of a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) system can be seen as an additional charge in the company's budget, it is actually a decision that will allow the company to save money in the long term. Indeed, the latter will be exempted from costs related to training, administration, equipment...

Moreover, by entrusting the data entry of your product sheets to a specialized company, you will also be able to maintain your production rhythm even in case of peak activity. Indeed, thanks to the fast and efficient work of the specialized service providers, you will be able to maintain the activity of your company with incomes which could not have been realized if you had decided to continue to manage the data entry internally.


You will have understood that by using a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) approach and by entrusting a team of experts with the data entry of your product sheets, you will benefit from many advantages: time saving, more flexibility, business efficiency... But then, what are you waiting for to outsource the data entry phase of your product sheets? Dare to entrust us with this task! Our teams of data entry specialists (AGENA3000 via its subsidiary PICXYZ) are at your disposal and put their know-how at your service.

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