Omnichannel: how to guarantee a successful product experience?

  • Tue, 07/20/2021 - 15:39

Closely linked to the customer experience, the product experience encompasses all the interactions and meeting points between a customer and a product during the purchasing process. In an increasingly omnichannel world marked by growing consumer demands, guaranteeing a successful product experience is becoming an essential challenge for brands. Its significant impact on consumer satisfaction and its propensity to encourage purchasing decisions make it a major performance lever. So how do you ensure a successful product experience? Overview.

Guarantee the availability of product information

With the rise of e-commerce, the line that separated physical commerce from online sales no longer exists. The customer journey is less and less linear. It becomes necessary for brands to guarantee a successful product experience. Indeed, the points of contact with the consumer are more and more numerous, making the whole customer relationship more complex. Whether online or in person, product information is at the heart of the product experience. It is therefore necessary as a brand to guarantee its availability on all sales channels. Product information, by gathering all the descriptive content, characteristics, visuals... allows the customer to know more about the product he wants to buy, and also allows him to decide whether or not to buy it. The search for product information is an important step in the purchasing process, so as a brand you need to make your product information easily accessible. 

Ensure the relevance of product data

In addition to being available, the product information shared with the consumer has to be ultra-relevant, especially the information related to the product's characteristics. As omnichannel offers today's customers the possibility to change sales channels as they wish, it is essential to provide all the information necessary for the purchasing act. Product information must be adapted and as detailed as possible to facilitate understanding and answer all the consumer's questions. Of course, it is obvious for brands that it is now necessary to build a harmonious and complete purchase path. Indeed, if the consumer cannot find the right information (information content, media...), then his loyalty will be impacted. In this respect, guaranteeing the availability of product information on all distribution channels is another essential point.

Deliver an omnichannel experience by ensuring consistency throughout the customer journey

Just like the customer experience, the product experience must nowadays be thought of in an omnichannel way. Indeed, as we have seen, the product experience is available both in physical stores and online via marketplaces, e-commerce sites, drives, etc. Communicating consistent, reliable, and harmonious product information across all channels is therefore crucial in order to guarantee omnichannelity and ensure consistency throughout the customer journey. Thus, the product data must be strictly the same, complete, and faithful whatever the channel of information used. This means that the consumer must be able to compare the information of a product present online with the packaging data of a physical sample, without seeing any difference. Both sources of information must offer similar data. In addition, as we saw earlier, the customer experience is the sum of all the experiences a consumer has throughout the buying process. Therefore, the product experience as an essential element must also be consistent at all levels of the customer journey. Thus, the first element to guarantee a successful product experience is the reliability and relevance of product information, right from the start of the buying process.

Seduce the consumer

By facilitating the consumer's projection, the reliability of the information will contribute to arousing positive emotions and create a climate conducive to the act of purchasing. These same positive feelings will contribute to a satisfying customer experience. Moreover, the sum of these positive emotions experienced by the consumer during his customer experience will really determine his propensity to consume a product of the brand again or to talk about it around him. In this respect, the product experience must be designed to seduce the consumer. Thus, the interactions with the product must meet the consumer's expectations. For example, why be satisfied with mandatory information when entering a product sheet when there are many optional fields that are just as important to the consumer? Why be satisfied with a single product visual in e-commerce when we know that several product visuals largely encourage the act of purchase?  

Differentiate yourself

Omnichannel has reinforced an already tough competitive environment. The need to differentiate is more than a reality for brands. By choosing a strategy to ensure a successful product experience, you can choose to stand out from your competitors. Providing richer product information, better product visuals, a more advanced experience or innovative design are all things that will help you stand out from your competitors. Moreover, having the same quality of product information, regardless of the source, is a major factor in reassuring the customer. Thus, the sum of these "little extras" will weigh in your favor and will enhance your product and your brand.


As you will have understood, a successful product experience depends on the accessibility, coherence, variety, and consistency of information regardless of the source for the consumer.  To help you in this task, equip yourself with a PIM (Product Information Management) solution. This solution will allow you to manage all your product data on a single interface, then send this information to all your recipients (retailors, marketplaces, etc.). Thus, you will guarantee a homogeneity and a standardization of your information on all the sales channels! You are already equipped with a PIM solution, and you wish to reinforce your product experience? Do not wait any longer and improve your digital product content by calling on our photo studio for your professional quality product shootings and our graphic designers for your Hero Images and 3D product visuals.

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