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GDSN: Exchange standardised product data with your ecosystem! 

  • Thu, 03/26/2020 - 11:36

New realities are arising for B2B players, and it is consumers who are reshuffling the cards. All industries are faced with new consumer expectations, particularly in terms of product information. Discover how GDSN responds to these challenges, while facilitating exchanges between B2B players.  


What is the GDSN?  

The GDSN is a global network designed to exchange standardised and interoperable data. In concrete terms, this network enables companies to synchronise and exchange product information – over the entire product lifecycle – with their trading partners, based on standards defined by GS1. The GDSN responds to interoperability issues through a common language understood by the information system of all the companies connected to it. 

The GDSN network is the solution to be in line with the requirements of your partner ecosystem both nationally and internationally, while offering reliable product information to consumers. Because it facilitates access to complete and up-to-date information, the use of GDSN is also required by many distributors.

GDSN figures

150 Countries
112 International organisations
+55 000 Member companies around the world
31 Millions de GTINs
44 Data pools

How does the GDSN network work? 

The network consists of a set of interoperable and certified electronic catalogues that have the capacity to exchange synchronised data in real time. Any company wishing to access the GDSN, and take advantage of its benefits, must first choose an electronic catalogue certified and tested by GS1. The catalogue is responsible for distributing information to the various players via its Data Pool, which is the intermediary allowing connection to the electronic catalogue network, guaranteeing connection tracking, data uniqueness and compliance with GS1 standards. 

Each link in the chain, from the manufacturer to the end consumer, has access to the same, constantly updated data. If the manufacturer – who is at the origin of the information flow – updates the data linked to a product when it is already distributed and in circulation on its target markets, the information is updated in real time.


GDSN benefits in a nutshell

GDSN is a lever for improving relations between manufacturers, distributors and consumers. 
Thanks to GDSN, distributors have quick access to product information provided by their suppliers. An extremely reliable product content, which will then be communicated to consumers for an optimised experience via digital media (drivers, marketplaces...). For their part, manufacturers are drastically reducing the manual processing of information (a single publication is necessary to feed the entire ecosystem), accelerating the Go-To-Market of their products and giving them new opportunities to develop their business. 

All in all, the GDSN network is an exchange facilitator that benefits the entire value chain, from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

Aware of the benefits of GDSN, more and more sectors are choosing to adopt it and the number of user companies is increasing significantly every year.

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