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Flashback on the 2018 edition of the Connect2Day

  • Tue, 11/27/2018 - 08:07

Connect2Day, the annual gathering of the player of the retail and CPG indsutries, is an event organized by AGENA3000. The goal? Gather together brands, manufacturers, retailers and AGENA3000’s partners in a single location for a single day around issues relevant and topical to data management. Overall it is a privileged moment to facilitate encounters between the stakeholders of this ecosystem in a friendly and warm atmosphere.


The Connect2Day 2018 in brief

During this third edition of the event, the participants were able to discover the latest best practices related to data management, how to anticipate business and legal evolutions, and also to exchange and discuss with experts during some dedicated workshops. Among the most popular workshops: the AGENA3000 new developments like the "What if you made your data speak?" workshop as well as the feedback from experience highlighting best practices to better manage and optimize one’s data.

Key figures to remember: over 400 participants, 1 retailers round table, 20 workshops, 4 demonstration spaces and 2 plenary conferences.

After a networking cocktail, a conference on blockchain by Claire BALVA (Blockchain Partner, a pioneering blockchain company in France) allowed brands, manufacturers and retailers to become more familiar with blockchain, to better understand its importance and challenges and to discover the potential application of this technology that is much talked about. Let’s remind ourselves that the blockchain is a secure data storage and transmission technology that guarantees the inalterability of the data.

To end this fruitful day, the participants were able to attend a conference "Another outlook - The convergence between art and business" by Grégoire JEANMONOD. A disruptive experience and source of inspiration that has put forward, not without humor, the parallels between art and the world of business.

Their reviews of the Connect2Day

« A day like this is very rewarding. Especially as we meet retailers. We are manufacturers, so days like this one make things easier for us and we need them in our respective businesses » Frédéric CHAPLOT, Data Privacy Officer, Nutrixo – Vivesca Group

« Retailers all agree that structured and exchanged information via the GDSN network is important, especially for the B2C information to the end consumer. End consumer and Omni Channel, these are the two words that I take away. » Isabelle WEISBECKER, Category Manager E-Commerce, GS1 France

Save the date: 2019 edition

For those who wish to renew this experience or have missed the 2018 edition of Connect2Day, you can now book in your calendar the date of October 10, 2019! We are already working on this 4th edition to offer you a qualitative event of quality around the issues of data optimization.

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