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Acquisitions 2018 : PICXYZ & PARANGON

  • Tue, 11/20/2018 - 08:34

External growth is a real development lever complementary to our organic growth at AGENA3000. Following the acquisitions of BluePIM and GEXEDI in 2016, AGENA3000 made two acquisitions in 2018 that were firmly focused on the management and quality of product information.

PARANGON: The GS1 France electronic catalogue

PARANGON is a data pool connected to the GDSN international network, essential for industrial companies to synchronize their product and tariff information with their retail customers who need to receive them. PARANGON is a single point of exchange of standardized product information compliant with the GDSN standards.


The acquisition of PARANGON (August 2018) is fully in line with AGENA3000's strategy to establish its leadership in the management of product information. With this acquisition, AGENA3000 becomes the major French player in this market and is committed to contributing to the growth of the GDSN in France and internationally.

PICXYZ: digitalization of packaging information and products photo-shoot

PICXYZ is the specialist in the enrichment of product information to ensure its quality and reliability, to be delivered to the end consumer. The quality of information for consumers (INCO or EU1169, photos, product information etc.) is indeed vital to trigger the consumer purchase.

Thanks to PICXYZ, manufacturers and retailers offer reliable information to consumers, improve the visibility of products, increase their sales on all channels and control the quality of information published online. This acquisition (September 2018) completes the AGENA3000 offer around the quality of product information, a problem shared by manufacturers and retailers alike.

Our vision

These two acquisitions reinforce AGENA3000's offer in the field of product information management (PIM) and data quality while supporting its desire to support its customers and future customers from A to Z. Following the acquisition of PARANGON and PICXYZ, AGENA3000 now offers a comprehensive, controlled and unique offer on the market.

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