10 reasons to equip yourself with a PIM platform as a manufacturer  

  • Wed, 05/25/2022 - 12:20

Faced with the growing demands of consumers, as well as those inherent to their industry, manufacturers must be able to guarantee quality product information to consumers. Product information must flow smoothly in order to facilitate cooperation between players and remain reliable from one end of the value chain to the other. Discover the ten good reasons to equip yourself with a Product Information Management solution, like A3 PIM Industry. 


1. Centralize your product data 

By opting for a Product Information Management solution, centralize your product data in a single platform. Do away with the numerous Excel files, PDFs and obsolete folders scattered throughout your company. Save your staff time by storing all your product information in the PIM. 

2. Share your product sheets  

Share all your product data sheets in a dematerialized and standardized format (GS1/GDSN) with your commercial partners - retailers, drives, marketplaces such as Amazon or Cdiscount, reseller networks, etc. - in France and abroad in just a few clicks. Retailers, as well as other suppliers in all sectors (retail, health, DIY, etc.) are digitizing their relationships with their suppliers. By equipping yourself with a PIM, you anticipate their requirements. 

3. Deliver a better customer experience 

As a manufacturer, offer your end customers, i.e. the consumers, a consistent and homogeneous experience on all channels. There is nothing more unpleasant for a consumer than to have several sources of information and to find different data for the same product. With a PIM solution, the information that will ultimately be made available to consumers will be homogeneous. You have total control over your product data, and therefore control over the information delivered to consumers. 

4. Enrich your product sheets 

Enrich your product sheets with PIM. Indeed, more than 30% of the attributes of product sheets are linked to marketing data. Managing this information is more important than ever. A PIM solution allows you to enrich your product data and associate several visuals for each product sheet.  

5. Boost your sales performance  

By equipping yourself with a PIM solution, your company is equipped to work with the actors of mass distribution, e-commerce and any other commercial partner asking you for dematerialized product sheets. By responding as quickly as possible to your partners' requests, you will be able to perpetuate your commercial relationships. In addition, product sheets with complete data play an important role in the marketing of your products in e-commerce, and have an impact on online sales. 

6. Distribute reliable product information  

As a manufacturer, taking care of the quality of your product data is essential today. Indeed, consumers are more and more demanding in terms of transparency. Moreover, you are also subject to regulatory requirements at several levels (INCO, EGalim...). With a PIM solution like A3 PIM Industry, you can control the quality of your product information before sharing it with your partners.  

7. Better internal collaboration  

Consolidate your product information into a single platform for easy access by sales, marketing, quality and data teams. All your teams have access to a unique tool that allows them to consult, enrich, update and distribute product data sheets according to their role.  

8. Ensure complete and up-to-date data throughout the product lifecycle 

A PIM platform allows you to update the evolutions linked to the life of your products (changes in the composition of the product, new visuals...), and this, by all your teams and then to share them in a few clicks with your distributor customers so that they can have the most recent product information at any time.  

9. Deliver standardized and structured information 

A GS1-qualified PIM solution allows you to exchange standardized data with your business partners, just like retailers. In this way, all the players in the ecosystem understand each other and use the same definitions for the same data. Your dematerialized product sheets are perfectly compliant to be received in due form by your customers and partners to accelerate the marketing of your products. 

10. Respond to dematerialized tenders from your distributor customers 

Respond to dematerialized calls for tender from your distributor customers who have decided to digitize this process. Indeed, as an industrialist, the data provided by you will be used in all stages of the tender process. Moreover, it will be immediately available, which will increase productivity for both you and your distributor customers.  



As a manufacturer, by basing your PIM approach on standardized information, you ensure a homogeneous information base that is not limited to technical data related to the product, but also concerns logistics and commercial data. Productivity gains, time savings, enhancement of the product offer through enriched and always up-to-date content, simplified and calmed commercial relations, accelerated product referencing, the PIM is a constant exchange of data that allows increased efficiency for you and your commercial partners. So what are you waiting for to switch to PIM?



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