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Zoom on the Mobile Ready Hero Image

  • Wed, 12/11/2019 - 08:32

Specifically used on marketplaces such as Amazon and Drive retail websites, the mobile-ready hero image has something for everyone. Standing as a genuine lever to improve user experience on e-commerce websites for mass distribution product segments, the mobile ready hero image makes life easier for consumers who benefit from greater business performance.

What’s a mobile ready hero image?

The mobile ready hero image is a powerful marketing tool at the service of brands. As its name implies, this type of visual display is specifically intended for mobile devices and tablets, thus improving the readability of basic information. Standardized by GS1 in 2018, the mobile ready hero image allows consumers to assess – almost instantly – whether or not products found via web search meet their expectations. Let’s recall that, in France, 22% of online purchases are performed on a mobile device¹, hence the need to adapt the suggested content. The mobile ready hero image is thriving, as proven by the participation of many industrial and retail players in the dedicated task force at GS1 France.

Mobile Ready Hero Image

To build this type of visual display, the 4 following assets (4Ws) are mandatory:

-    The brand (Who ?)
-    Nature of the product (What ?)
-    Fragrance/variety/range (Which ?)
-    Quantity (grams, liters…)(HoW ?)

All in all, a mobile ready hero image only comprises essential information so that consumers may quickly identify whether or not a product is relevant according to their search, without being spammed by secondary information. This type of visual display allows brands to stand out from the rest, all the while providing consumers with the best experience. In facilitating access to information, you’ll also facilitate the act of purchase itself. According to various studies, the mobile ready hero image allows an increase in sales of approximately 25%².


How to build and use a mobile ready hero image?

Made at the request brands’ marketing departments, the mobile ready hero image is designed from the original visual of the product by a graphic designer. The attributes required by GS1 must be present and of sufficient size to allow excellent readability on mobile devices and tablets (and on desktops too!). GS1 has developed a set of guidelines to help brands produce mobile ready hero images that comply with GDSN requirements. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important to select a specialized studio that operates in the ecosystem of omnichannel retail and is fully aware of GS1's requirements.

The mobile ready hero image is used to highlight a product as soon as the list of results is displayed following a search on an e-commerce website. As brands are generally equipped with a PIM solution, the main visual display that is configured corresponds to the mobile ready hero image. In addition, it is paramount that it always be followed by the original visual on the product page (just like in your PIM), so that consumer can view all the information as if they had the product in their hands.


The advantages of mobile ready hero image summarised

- Suitable for viewing thumbnails produced from mobiles and tablets
- Facilitates the visualisation of product thumbnails on e-commerce sites, marketplaces... no matter the device used
- Provides optimal consumer experience
- Highlights the main characteristics of the product
- Allows consumer to quickly evaluate the relevance of the product according to their search
- Promotes the click rate on products
- Contributes to increased sales


While, to date, the mobile ready hero image is not yet used by all brands offering consumer products, we can assume that it will position itself in the coming months as an essential visual display. Have your competitors not started yet? Get a head start!

(1) Source : Fevad 2019 key figures
(2) Source :

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