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Wholesalers and intermediaries: use a PIM platform to manage product data more easily

  • Mon, 01/22/2024 - 12:23

As full players in the value chain, wholesalers and intermediaries must also have access to information about the products they market. In practical terms, wholesalers and intermediaries need to collect product data from their suppliers and pass it on to their customers. This is what a PIM platform enables them to do, to meet these two needs, while at the same time helping to inform the end consumer.

First things first: what is a PIM solution?

Product information is becoming increasingly structured in industry sectors, as it is in the catering sector, and all the players involved must adapt to the widespread dematerialisation of product information in GDSN (GS1) format, which is becoming the standard. 


PIM (Product Information Management) is an essential software solution for wholesalers and intermediaries. This is the solution that enables product information to be collected, managed and distributed, while guaranteeing its quality, consistency and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

What are the advantages of a PIM solution?

There are many advantages to using a PIM solution for wholesalers and intermediaries: 

  • Increased productivity: thanks to a PIM platform, it is possible to centralise product information within a single platform, enabling wholesalers and intermediaries to save time and optimise efficiency by automating numerous tasks, such as data entry, validation and distribution of product information. Using a PIM platform also makes relations with suppliers smoother and easier (exchanging and processing Excel or PDF files is a thing of the past!).


  • Reduce costs: a PIM solution helps to reduce the costs associated with product management, in particular the costs of entering and updating data, the costs of errors and the costs of managing relations with suppliers.   

  • Meeting regulatory requirements: wholesalers and intermediaries are also subject to regulatory requirements in terms of product information. A PIM solution can ensure compliance with these requirements.
  • Improving data quality: using a PIM is a guarantee of control over the quality of product data. By collecting product data directly from your suppliers in a standardised way (via the GDSN network), you have access to the data "at source" without having to produce it yourself, as it does not belong to you. This eliminates the risk of errors. 

What are the key features of a PIM solution for wholesalers and intermediaries?

The fonctionalities of a PIM solution like A3 PIM Sourcing are designed to meet the specific needs of wholesalers and intermediaries, who require accurate and exhaustive product information.  
Here is a selection of features that a PIM platform designed for wholesalers and intermediaries can offer:   

  • Access to a database of product data sheets: a solution such as A3 PIM Sourcing provides access to a database of several hundred thousand product data sheets already entered and validated by players in the food and retail sectors in particular.

  • Product data collection: a PIM solution facilitates the acquisition of product data from the supplier community, in a single, standard format (GDSN/GS1). Collecting exhaustive product sheets containing, among other things, regulatory and marketing data has never been so easy!  

  • Validation of product data: checking and validating the product data sheet and ensuring that it is complete and correct. This is an important process for guaranteeing the quality of product information.

  • Sharing product data: a PIM enables product data to be shared with commercial partners or other recipients (databases, service providers, etc.) in just a few clicks. 

The choice of PIM solution for wholesalers and intermediaries should be based on the company's specific needs. It is important to compare the different solutions available on the market to find the one that offers the most appropriate functionality for the needs identified.  

A3 PIM Sourcing makes it easier for you to acquire product data from your suppliers and meet your customers' requirements. Interested in our solution? Contact one of our AGENA3000 experts today! 


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