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Verified by GS1: protect your brands by registering your products in the global directory

  • Mon, 01/29/2024 - 17:31

A3 PIM Industry, a solution for managing and distributing product information (PIM), offers brands the GS1 France CodeOnline connector, enabling product data to be sent to the Verified by GS1 directory.  

Verified by GS1, the global product directory  

Verified by GS1 is a worldwide product directory supplied by GS1 members, which enables users to find or check information on a product, a logistics unit or a location. This directory, managed by GS1, is available online and can be consulted by consumers, distributors and official bodies.

The directory contains information on more than 425 million products. This information includes the 7 identity attributes that make up the product "identity card" as defined by GS1:

  • The GTIN code which identifies the product

  • The brand name

  • The product name

  • The URL of the product image

  • The product category (FMCG)

  • Net content and unit of measurement

  • Country of sale

Benefits for brands


Registering products with Verified by GS1 offers significant advantages for brands that take this step. 

Protect your codes, your products and your image: Transparency is the key word. The more transparent you are with your commercial partners, the easier it is for them to make the best decision, in order to avoid mistakes that could impact your brand's image (counterfeits, bad products). 

Controlling your data: To guarantee reliability and security, it is important to control and centralise your data in order to protect it against any misuse (counterfeiting, duplication, etc.). This will help you preserve your image and boost customer confidence.   

Increased visibility: Products registered in the Verified by GS1 database can benefit from increased visibility, as information on these products is accessible to trading partners, distributors and consumers looking for standardised and verified data. 

Consumer confidence: Customers can have confidence in the accuracy of product information registered in Verified by GS1. Brands commit to providing complete and accurate product data, which is then verified by GS1.  

All in all, registering products in the Verified by GS1 directory contributes to better authentication for optimised product referencing, greater commercial efficiency with the brand's entire ecosystem and an improved consumer experience.


Register your products in the global Verified by GS1 directory thanks to A3 PIM Industry platform

AGENA3000, a long-standing partner of GS1 France, supports the Verified by GS1 initiative and has opened a connector dedicated to sending product data to the directory. 

Users of the A3 PIM Industry solution can publish their product data to Verified by GS1 in just a few clicks by selecting the "CodeOnline GS1 France" connector from the list of available recipients. The 7 attributes will then be collected and the product identity card will be generated in the global directory accessible for consultation on Verified by GS1. 

Sending product data does not require any additional information to be entered by A3 PIM Industry users, and is based on existing records. The only prerequisite for manufacturers is to provide GS1 France with their GLN.  

Like many brands using the A3 PIM Industry platform, you too can create your own product identity cards. Would you like to find out more? Contact us now!

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