PIM: what are the benefits for retailers? 

  • Mon, 01/18/2021 - 14:23

As a retailer or wholesaler, do you know the numerous advantages that a PIM solution can bring to you? Discover from now, the great benefits for you and your ecosystem, of setting up a platform centralizing and managing product information.

Better internal collaboration and efficiency

Among the great benefits of a PIM solution, collaboration and efficiency are two essential points. Choosing to centralize product information will allow your teams to collaborate more efficiently and therefore to exchange information more easily. Whether it is the purchasing or the marketing department for example, each department will be able to make its contribution on the platform. Indeed, working together on the same platform thanks to a collaborative solution such as the PIM, will give your teams the possibility of reasoning in constant cooperation rather than in silos.

Also, centralizing your data in a dedicated space will allow all your teams to access unique and reliable information. Forget about wasting time searching for information, crossing data, and ensuring its reliability. This reference data will be the basis of all work and will ensure better efficiency from the various teams, whatever their core business and their needs.

Better dissemination of information

As a retailer, and even more with the notion of omnichannel, disseminating relevant information about the products you are marketing is a real challenge. Being able to control your data flows is essential. Thanks to a PIM platform, specific to your industry, you can ensure that reliable information is delivered in real time across all your channels. Managing your data flows is thus simplified.

If sharing product information is essential in a digitized world like today, it is also because of the central place consumer now occupies. The customer journey has become more complex and is broken down through different channels, requiring greater responsiveness from the marketing teams. Thanks to your PIM solution connectors, consumers will now have access to comprehensive, relevant, and reliable information, at any time and on any medium, such as your e-commerce site for example. Meet customer requirements and ensure their satisfaction with PIM.

In addition, thanks to the GDSN network (Global Data Synchronization Network - GS1) guaranteeing international compliance of your product information, sharing your data, and marketing your products to all channels and regions will no longer be a constraint.

Better relationship with suppliers

If you don't yet have a PIM system, then you probably know how complex it is to receive documents, spreadsheets, and product visuals from your suppliers. Harmonizing the information received and ensuring its relevance is heavy work for your teams and takes a considerable amount of time. With a centralization solution of your suppliers' product sheets, your teams will once again be able to concentrate on their core business. Indeed, thanks to the supplier onboarding service often offered by software publishers, you ensure greater efficiency in data processing as soon as the solution is deployed.

More concretely, thanks to the creation of defined rules and workflows, your suppliers will then be able to communicate the information you need, at the right time and in the right format, on a centralized platform. Whether it is your French or international suppliers, your PIM connected to the GDSN also ensures compliance of the data received. Your teams will therefore be able to use this product information without worrying about its reliability. By choosing a PIM platform specific to your business, your relations with your suppliers will be improved and more pleasant for your teams. A simple and effective way to strengthen the link between your business and its ecosystem!

Better financial management

If the great benefits of setting up a PIM solution are closely linked to your teams and your ecosystem, the last benefit we will discuss in this article will be based on the financial aspect. As you can imagine, giving your teams the opportunity to refocus on their core business, thanks to the automation of product sheets receipts, will have the direct consequence of reducing administrative costs for your company.

In addition, better managing your supplier relationships and establishing a climate of calm and trust with all your partners will reduce disputes. Synonymous with saving time and money, your relationships will be more lasting and prosperous. The process of referencing and acquiring product data will therefore be accelerated, having a positive and direct impact on your sales.


As the world becomes more and more digital, it is now essential to adapt to provide your customers with an offer that meets their information requirements. You will understand that setting up a solution for the dematerialization of product sheets is a real strength for your company and the benefits are numerous. Don't wait any longer and get started!

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