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Looking Back at the 4th Edition of Connect2Day

  • Thu, 10/31/2019 - 17:17

Organized every year by AGENA3000 since 2016, the Connect2Day event aims to unite distribution stakeholders for one day. The 4th edition of the event was held in Paris - Châteauform' City Le CNIT - on October 10.

For the 4th consecutive year, Connect2Day favored exchanges between manufacturers, brands, distributors, and data experts. One of the most successful editions of the event, once again marked by the quality of the speakers and the wealth of topics covered over the course of the event. Connect2Day was also the perfect opportunity for AGENA3000 to announce the acquisition of Connectivia, located in Canada, as part of its international development strategy. Let's look back at a day of fruitful networking!


Summarizing the 4th Edition of Connect2Day

After Sébastien Trichet, President of AGENA3000, opened the event, participants were able to attend the round table "How to Regain Consumer Confidence? To Act or to Suffer? Opportunity or Threat?", hosted by journalist Stéphane Courgeon. A new round table format in which manufacturers and distributors discussed a topic that concerns all of them in equal measure: consumers. Brands and distributors then participated in two workshops on current topics, such as the quality of nutritional data, consumer applications, electronic invoicing, and data governance.

The second part of the day was initiated by the GS1 France conference on "CodeOnline Food: free your product data!". ». The launch of this product information digitization service took place on October 7. GS1 France, together with UFC Que Choisir, ILEC, Nestle, Unilever, Système U, Intermarché, and PepsiCo, presented this new service which was co-designed with food industry stakeholders.

Following the last workshops, Benoît Chalifoux - lecturer and writer - led the closing conference "Developing Your Soft Skills". A conference that was particularly appreciated for both its content and for Benoît Chalifoux's dynamism and desire to share.


Some Opinions on Connect2Day

« This event is great in its networking potential, the depth of the subjects that can be discussed, as well as the foresight that we have in these subjects. It's not a rearview mirror, it's what we do, what we live, and what we plan. » Frédéric LORIAUX, Chief Data Officer – Nestlé France.

« What I particularly like is being able to meet a number of partners. As a distributor, meeting suppliers with whom we can discuss issues; overall, it's data management, the issue of reliability, and the exchange for the purpose of better collaborations. » Menouar LOUNES, Project Director – U Enseigne.

« An exceptional round table with Nestlé France, Nuxe, and distributors like Auchan and Intermarché. An interesting interaction to explain why data are interesting for the end consumer. » Marilidia Clotteau, Marketing Offer Manager – Schneider Electric.

« It's a wonderful event that allows us to collaborate more between complementary structures and quickly connect with people. I think that's what makes this event a success every time. » Benoît Chalifoux, Speaker.



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