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GS1 has launched the "CodeOnline Food" service

  • Tue, 10/08/2019 - 09:35

CodeOnline Food: What Is It?

CodeOnline Food is a service resulting from a close collaboration between GS1 France and the stakeholders of the agri-food industry. This service was designed to facilitate the digitization of product information for the consumer, while meeting the challenges of transparency.

CodeOnline Food is a source of product data powered exclusively by brands to ensure completeness, accuracy, and freshness. In a context where consumer food applications are multiplying and where the information provided is not always up to standards, CodeOnline Food meets the requirements of consumers seeking perfectly reliable information on food products marketed in France.

CodeOnline Food


CodeOnline Food In 6 Key Points


• Accessible to GS1 France member companies that market food products.
• Collect of product information intended for the consumer, including the information needed to comply with legal requirements as well as product visuals.
• Database managed and controlled by brands.
• Accessible to the entire brand ecosystem (distributors, partners, consumer applications...)
• Accelerates the digitization of food product information.
• Based on GS1 standards


Several methods are available to share your product information with CodeOnline Food: GDSN synchronization, API or direct entry using the CodeOnline web portal.

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