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EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) solution

The EAI solution that makes your applications communicate with each other

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Connect. Harmonize. Stabilize. Exchange.

The ideal solution to ensure your different applications can communicate with each other.

A company information system is often complex; it often comprises many applications, which originally, were not designed to interact together (ERP, WMS, CMS, CRM, PIM…). Organizations who wish to get the best out of their data must start first with homogenizing, simplifying and normalizing those exchanges.

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) is the tool that will enable interoperability between your applications, your servers, whether internal or external, and which will free you from the nightmare of heterogeneous formats and technologies.

Activating and stabilizing the data exchanges between your applications is the first step towards a company with improved performance ! Interested ?

Concretely, what will an EAI platform bring to you?

With our EAI solution, you will be able to:

  • 1

    Harmonize your exchanges between your applications

    Information flows seamlessly between your applications (ERP, WMS, CMS, CRM, PIM…) even if they were conceived on different technologies. It is the very principle of EAI! Your data are then exchanged without barriers nor issues and are handled by your various systems.

  • 2

    Capitalize on your applications

    Thanks to EAI, your applications have a new lease of life. You avoid the complication of a migration of all your applications for solutions that would natively be more open. Therefore you also save costs. Finally, EAI implementation only requires very little, if any, modifications of your existing applications.

  • 3

    Track the data flows

    An EAI solution offers a global view of the data exchanges between all your applications thanks to its dashboard, hence providing an optimal tracking. The platform centralizes and prioritizes the exchanges (first in, first out) in order to optimize your processes. The flows exchanged are archived, enabling you to have adequate and permanent control of the activity.

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    Reduce processing times

    By using EAI, the data flows exchanged between your applications are more fluid. The processing time is very short which enables shorter information transfers between the connected systems and therefore increased performance.

Interested in our EAI solution ?

Ecran A3 EAI

Key functionalities

  • Inter-applications documents exchanges
  • Pre-setup format
  • Tasks planning
  • Parallel processing
  • Data flows tracking
  • Data flows storage
  • Recyclage possible des flux
  • Personalised alerts
  • Dashboards
  • Prioritization of processing
  • International

A solution adapted to your sector’s requirements

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics

  • Textile

  • Beauty products

  • Food

  • Construction

  • Retail

  • Food service

Additional information

Companies acquire IT solutions in order to meet their business overall needs. The main challenge resides in the rationalization, the industrialization and the synchronization of the data within their overall information system. EAI has a rationale in companies where heterogeneous technologies are a real issue.

Selim BENABID, Practice Leader A3 EAI
Expert advice

When we are faced with a company that uses different software package for its operations, it is pointless to launch various developments that would interface each tool. It is far more optimal financially to implement an EAI platform that will also later on facilitate the addition of new applications coming into the information system of the company.

Selim BENABID A3 EAI Practice Leader

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Les avantages A3 EAI


Low implementation costs

A3 EAI has an excellent ratio quality/price compared to other EAI solutions on the market.

Immediate use

After the first setup handled by our teams, the solution is immediately available for use.

Robust and evolutive solution

Proven solution as well as evolutive to be able to handle your future needs.